m – mobile moments is a photo art project powered by wiseclown (Christian Steiauf). Through a couple of inspirations (Instawar / Liebeswürfel App from socialbit.de / iPhonephotography) the photos taken with the smartphone got a new life in real space and are part of exhibition.

Early October 2011 will be the launch date of an accompanying app – stay tune in iTunes, m moments is soon to come!

UPDATE JUNE 2012 ** iPhone app “m moments” has been downloaded more than 1.000 times.
Check the iTunes link http://j.mp/mmoments

UPDATE APRIL 2013 ** Galleryshop is opened ** Choose your wall decoration with m magnetic photo tiles – buy pictures sets with up to 30% price reduction
Check your favorites and visit http://shop.mobile-momente.de

UPDATE APRIL 2016 ** Small exhibit in Friedrichshafen – Friedrichstr. 61 ** Decorating the huge store window with a m installation on metal and wood logs – check here


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow…You have many beautiful and interesting photos!! For a long time, I am a bit afraid to tell them I use iphone camera apps as well as my canon 5D. I like the photos I made, not as good as yours. I guess I should be just create freely instead of worrying what people may say. Thanks you!! and Hope you will come to Canada one day and take some photos here too!! All the best!! 🙂

    1. WOW – thanks for your warm comment and compliment, I really appreciate 🙂 and yeah, dont bother about other peoples opinion. Beauty comes from the inner self .. never been to Canada. I’ll definetly let you know when I arrive.. 😉

      1. I thought I hit the ‘reply’ !? Anyway, I will keep that in mind and try because it is fun to take photos!
        Haven’t been to Canada?…well, then,…counting on it!! 😀

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